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Poker Strategy for Turbo Tournaments

Poker Strategy for Turbo Tournaments

Turbo tournaments are becoming more and more popular among online poker players. Turbo, super turbo, or extremely turbo tournaments are available in the lobbies of online poker rooms. Those who do not have much time to play online poker will prefer the SNG turbo tournaments, as their duration is short.

The strategy used in these turbo SNGs needs a different strategy than the strategy for classic SNGs, because the blinds grow very fast. In this article, we aim to present some things to keep in mind when playing turbo tournaments.

Given that the blinds are growing so fast, you need a little luck to win in such tournaments. For this reason, the short-stacked strategy must be applied for a large part of the time to such tournaments, so often, you will either give it your all or say no.

Having a good strategy in the game of turbo tournaments requires a good selection of hands before the flop and positioning in a good position to put all in. It is frustrating to risk all the chips you have, but this is how these tournaments are played.

You will need to play many such tournaments to say that you have won money from turbo tournaments. So our opinion is not to expect notable results after playing only a few tournaments.

Tips for starting turbo tournaments: – Avoid getting into meaningless pots – Play only good hands – Don’t be surprised if you see dubious games from opponents at the beginning.

If the blinds are still small at the beginning of the turbo tournaments, you will have the opportunity to play normal poker. This is true only for the first 2-to three levels of blinds. It is useless to try to steal the blinds at this stage, as this will prove to be useless once you advance in the tour. If you have a strong hand, it is advisable to raise it substantially and hope that you catch someone with a weaker hand and force them to put as many chips in the pot as possible. At the beginning of the tournament, it is not advisable to mess with small pots. Time passes so quickly in these tournaments players are already set to “gambling” mode throughout the tournament and will be able to risk all the chips in front even when the blinds are still small. So, every time you catch a pretty good hand, you can think about whether it’s worth risking all the chips on that hand.

Tips in the middle of turbo tournaments: – You don’t have much strategy to apply here, so be prepared to enter all in with a good hand at any time – Don’t try to play marginal hands, just play strong hands – You can apply the “stop and go” strategy.”

As in any other turbo tournament, keeping your hands in mind is very important. An average stack is only 7-12 BB at this stage, so you don’t have much time to get all-in pre-flop. -ul. Therefore, you must choose your hands to enter all-in with the best hand, most of the time.

You can apply the “stop and go” strategy. This means that you pay an opponent’s raise, only intending to enter all in on the flop, regardless of the cards that enter the flop. If you only call him pre-flop, then enter all in on the flop, the chances are that the opponent will throw the bet on the flop, which would not have been possible if you put him all in before the flop.

Tips at the end of turbo tournaments: – Play aggressively and don’t be afraid of this style of play – Take advantage of tight players – You will often miss out on finishing money, but don’t give up. Always look for the # 1 spot

When you only have 6xBB left, you need to apply the following tactic: all-in/fold. Most likely, there are very few players left in the game at this stage, so you should increase the range of cards with which you entered all-in.

Don’t be afraid to go all-in because you are in a bubble position, because you can take advantage of many players who adopt such a strategy and therefore play tighter.

If you are not afraid of elimination, you can cast many pots, which gives you a pretty good advantage after entering the money. If you can overcome your fear and fear of being eliminated in the bubble position, you will make the right moves in the future, thus increasing your chances of winning in such tournaments.

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